Biking Tours

The river Rhine

Rhine Route and Sea Route pass directly by Haag.

The Rhine Route passes through the entire Rhine valley, whereby Route is called "The Realm of Water" - and sure enough, you will catch sight of 16 lakes.

Rhine Route
Lakes Route

Biking in Switzerland

Skating Tours


Not less than three official Swiss skating tours pass by Haag.

Skate route passes through 57 km on the banks of the Rhine river. Should you wish to avoid the so called "foehn-effect" (warm breeze) at the banks of the Rhine, then you can take Skate route.

These tours may be advantageously combined into a one or multiple day excursion for the whole family.

Rhine Skate
Werdenberg Skate

Skating in Switzerland

Mountain Bicycle Tours

Mountain Bicycle Tours around Haag

Various paved as well as unsecured tours are available in the vicinity of our house which will make a biker's heart miss a beat.

We will be happy to assist you in your choice of routes or personally show you the nicest bicycle tours in our region.

Should you be interested in a personally customized tour, please book this with us in advance.

What would you think about a half day tour to the "Chueweid"?
This would include a 700m difference in altitude, the highest point being 1,150m above sea level, an average inclination of 7%, maximum incline of 16%, and a distance of 35 km.

Mountainbike in Switzerland

Bicycle Tours in Our Neighborhood

Downhill from the "Chueweid"

View of Haag, Liechtenstein and Austria